Merry Christmas

Oh man it’s nearly Christmas!  I’m soo excited but I’m sad too. I don’t want to leave this class and all of my friends. But I know I will make more next year.  I hope you have a good holiday and a good Christmas…… bye!

My weekend

On my weekend I went to my swimming lessons.  I’m going up 2 more levels.  I’m so good at swimming.

I played minecraft with my friends online.  We built a home and  it was good.   That’s alllllll byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

THE fete

At the fete we will be doing the broken arm stall. I will be going to the fete because I’m going to be doing a dance.  The song is called Waka Waka and it is good. I wanted the song Shower but Sophie wanted Waka Waka.  jWe did not have time to do Shower so that was sad. That’s it see you soooooooooooooon.

my weekend

On my weekend I got to jump in my pool!  I like the water because I go to swimming lessons that are soooooo fun. Than I went trick or treating for Halloween.  I got lots of lollies.  They wer yummy.  I went to Zee’s party and it was fun.  There was a smoke machine.  It was sooo much fun.


On my weekend I went to my friend’s home.  It was soo fun and Sophie came too.  She was scared of the dog but I loved the dog. we went next door and they had a big dog.  We went there when Sophie went home. We went in Maeve’s cubby house.  It was fun!

My holiday

On my holiday I went to my friend’s party.  I saw Keagan;[.   I stayed  there for 4 hours and I got back at 8.30 pm.  And my mum is having a baby soon YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!  Well in 20 weeks she is.  But today my mum is going to the hospital to see if it is a boy or a girl.  I hope it is a girl. Soon in 1 month it is Father’s Day.   I am doing dancing and singing.  I’m doing it with Izzy my friend.  We’re singing Dance Like Your Daddy.  Well we were doing it at my home too so we will nail it. Soon I will be going to my friend’s party. It is a Halloween party.  I will be a sray bride it will be fun.  My mum got me 2 books and I read them in 2 nights.   I watched Zootopia and it was AMAZING!

I will do another blog to tell you if the new baby is a girl or a boy. I will see you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

Home! Roald Dahl Day

Hi everyone!  I am at home with my dad playing pool and listening to music. One day ago we had Roald Dahl Day because it was his birthday.  He would have been 100 years old!  We all dressed up as a character or in yellow and had a feast of yummy food for lunch.